FEI Handbook and Leadership for a Democratic Society Information

The Leadership for a Democratic Society Program

The Leadership for a Democratic Society (LDS) program offers an unmatched learning experience to prepare senior-level executives for the complex challenges of leadership.  Through expert instruction and action learning, the program develops the capacity for visionary leaders who can transform their organizations and government.

LDS prepares senior-level leaders for complex challenges, including:

  • Broadened understanding of the U.S. Constitution as the foundation for Federal public service
  • Increased critical self-awareness as an individual, team member, and leader
  • Enhanced leadership and management strengths and areas for improvement, especially in the areas of team-building, strategic thinking, influencing/negotiating, political savvy, and external awareness
  • Enhanced ability to identify problems and plan for action to improve organization performance
  • Appreciate more fully the importance of Federal service and the diverse talents and resource of Federal executives
  • Improved ability to leverage the diverse talents of the Federal workforce
  • Expanded professional networks, enabling improved inter-organizational collaboration and problem-solving
  • Increased resiliency, mental and physical wellness, and work-life balance

Leveraging the expertise and experience of each executive, the LDS establishes a learning community where the participants and faculty are both teachers and learners. Anchored in current leadership theory, the core curriculum is aligned with OPM’s Executive Core Qualifications and Leadership Competencies.  In addition to the LDS Core Curriculum, LDS participants, through a selection of learning environments and topics, tailor their learning experience to meet their self-determined needs and interests. Each executive completes several introspective assignments, at least one action learning project, and produces plans to transform themselves and their organizations.

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