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Technology & Wifi

Wireless Internet Connection

Gwin Hall

A public wireless internet access is available for your use. This service is provided by a commercial internet service provider and is not administered by FEI, OPM, or any other government agency. Users have the responsibility to ensure that agency-issued laptops conform to security standards for use through a public wireless network. While FEI employs encryption to access the wireless network, this encryption does not substitute for security measures approved by your agency.

Wireless Access

FEI uses an SSID code and WPA-2 Personal encryption. You will need to do a one-time only set up to access to the wifi on the FEI campus. 

High-speed Wired Internet Connection

A high speed wired internet connection is available on the top of each desk in every bedroom. Plug the LAN cable available on your desk into the network connection of your laptop. Additional configuration is usually not necessary. Most laptops can automatically connect to this commercial DSL network. PLEASE NOTE: Do not attach any routers (such as a Linksys or ZyXEL, particularly if it is not configured for DHCP) to the LAN connections without first contacting the IT/AV department. 

If you need a LAN cord for your computer, please contact your program coordinator.  Please return them at the end of the program.

Computer WorkstationsComputer Workstations

In the main building, there are workstations located in the Macy Wing on the second floor. In Gwin Hall, there are two workstations in the lobby and in the Susan B. Anthony room when the room is not in use. 

The computer workstations have internet access. Please be aware that these are public workstations, and we suggest they not be used for working on sensitive materials.  Do not change the configuration or setup of these machines or attempt to add additional software of any kind.  If you do not find the program you need, please let us know.  


Color printers are located in the Macy Wing in the Main Building and in the Susan B. Anthony room. 


A copier is located in Gwin Hall down the hallway to the right of the lobby. The copier in the FEI staff mailroom of the main building is for FEI staff only. 


A fax machine is located in Main Building in the Lead Faculty Office - (434) 977-3387.

Updated 2020 April