Enrolling in the Leadership for a Democratic Society

The Federal Executive Institute's Leadership for a Democratic Society program requires an online registration request  to enroll in the program.  The information submitted through the registration request is used to create the participant's profile in our learning management system and to verify that the individual is a GS-15 or above or the equivalent (e.g. O-6, FS-01, SV-K, EJ-04, etc).  

GS-14 Federal employees (and equivalents) who have executive-level duties must request a grade waiver to participate in the LDS program.  To request a grade waiver for the Leadership for a Democratic Society (LDS) program, we require: 

1) Memo/letter addressed to Dr. Suzanne Logan, Director of the Center for Leadership Development (CLD) and Federal Executive Institute.  The memo/letter should be from the individual’s supervisor and should clearly state how the individual qualifies for the course and why the grade requirement should be waived. 

Please include the following information in the memo/letter:

      • Length of time the employee has been in the GS-14 position. Typically we like to see that they have met the time-in-grade requirement that is standard for movement to the GS-15 position and are on track for promotion to the GS-15 grade level.  
      • What is the individual’s leadership role and responsibilities within the agency; i.e., what are their executive leadership responsibilities?
      • Describe the individual’s current leadership track.
      • What other leadership development course(s) has the individual attended?
      • What makes FEI the next step in the individual’s leadership development?

Note: There is no specific formatting guidance associated with the memo/letter. 

2) Current resume

The items listed above (memo/letter and resume) must be emailed to FEIRegistrar@opm.gov

Non-federal employees, to include private sector, international, state and local government employees, must hold an executive level position (as determined by FEI).  Individuals in this category should contact the FEI Registrar for a copy of the FEI registration form.

All attendees must receive sponsorship in the form of funding approval from their employing agency, company, etc.

U.S. federal civil service employees typically arrange attendance through their Human Resources Department and/or the agency training office. The FEI Registrar can assist in identifying the appropriate POC for your agency.

Non-federal employees, to include Private sector, international, state and local government employees arrange attendance with the FEI Registrar directly. The FEI Registrar will work with each individual and their employer to coordinate the registration process.

For additional information, please refer to the FEI Handbook or contact the Registrar at FEIRegistrar@opm.gov or (434) 980-6232 for more information on the registration process.

Last modified: Tuesday, January 5, 2021, 12:55 PM