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"Using Strategic Foresight to Influence Strategic Decision Making"

An FEI SES Enterprise Leadership Lab 


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Why It's Hot

The Federal workforce and the American public look to Federal Senior Executives to provide strategic vision, to anticipate future mission demands, and to make decisions today that will influence the trajectories of their agencies.  Yet in today‚Äôs increasingly complex world, the future is inherently unpredictable.

How do you perform such due diligence in support of the future of your agency or program? How do you use knowledge of future risks and opportunities in your ongoing strategic and workforce planning, budgeting, and program performance management processes and decisions?   Cultivating a strategic foresight mindset and being practiced in using alternative futures thinking will help you fulfill these critical responsibilities.

This SES Enterprise Leadership Lab is an opportunity to participate in a realistic, scenario-based, table-top simulation designed to ready you to address major policy and implementation issues.  You will experience strategic foresight as a way to connect long term thinking with day-to-day actions using a highly engaging process that gets teams working together to define the futures they want -- and the ones they don't want.  The result will be a more agile strategic decision-making capacity that will help your organization to see over the horizon to anticipate present-day risks, threats, and opportunities.

How You

This Lab will provide Federal Senior Executives with the opportunity to:

  • Strengthen your enterprise leadership through greater understanding of strategic foresight as a mindset
  • Practice alternative futures thinking by collaborating with fellow Senior Executives in a fast-paced, cross-agency SES network to illuminate future risks and opportunities around enterprise-level leadership challenges and their implications
  • Test the value of connecting an alternative futures exercise with ongoing strategic planning, budgeting, workforce planning and development, and program performance processes and decisions
  • Consider practical applications of using strategic foresight to influence strategic decision making to benefit you, as a senior executive, and the organization you lead
An agenda and other information will be sent to registered participants a few days prior to the Lab.

Who Should Attend

This government-wide SES Enterprise Leadership Lab is designed exclusively for Career Senior Executive Service (SES), Senior Level (SL), and Scientific or Professional (ST), and other SES-equivalents.  


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