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Customer Support Office

Our Customer Support office maintains a full-time staff to assist Agency training officers, supervisors and managers in choosing the best possible path along the Leadership Journey for their employees. We are standing by to provide in-depth course information, assistance in matching courses to meet specific Agency needs, and help in the registration process.

Each agency has a Customer Service Specialist assigned to assist with registration. Please refer to the list below to find the name and contact information of your agency's Customer Service Specialist.

Registration for the Leadership for a Democratic Society Program is handled through the Federal Executive Institute. 

General Information

Phone: 202-606-0008
Fax: 478-757-3057

Billing Inquiries: 202-606-0206 

Registration Specialist Finder

Locate Your Agency Registration Specialist

Select your agency from the menu below to locate your Registration Specialist. Use the Select Agency button to display your point of contact once you've chosen your agency. 


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