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"Strategic Change and Transition to Address National Priorities"

An FEI SES Onboarding Forum


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As a new Federal Senior Executive, Strategic Change and Transition to Address National Priorities advances your awareness and understanding of how to systematically architect  and execute the strategic transformations needed to address emerging enterprise challenges while surviving, and capitalizing on, periods of transition.


Government executives face monumental challenges in protecting and serving American citizens – budget uncertainty, regulatory changes, policy changes, anomalous events, changes in leadership, 24-hour news cycles in multi-media channels – all these and more –  require adapting and leading organizations through complicated transitions.  In addition, most, if not all, national priorities today (from responses to natural disasters to matters of food safety) extend beyond the jurisdiction of specialized agency missions.

As a senior executive, you want to achieve and sustain exceptional mission performance.  How do you face change head-on with equal rigor for strategy and tactics? How and when do you craft collaborative strategies that produce results both within your agency and across levels of government, institutions, the public and private sectors and more? How do you maximize your effectiveness during senior leadership and presidential transitions and times of reform? How do you realign your organization to meet the challenges of the future? 

How You
Will Benefit

During this SES Onboarding Forum for new Federal Senior Executives, you will:

  • Dialogue with enterprise leaders addressing a range of national priorities to discuss lessons learned leading change strategically in complex political environments
  • Discover how to proactively guide organizations through enterprise-wide change that drives results for agency and cross-agency missions
  • Discuss how to maximize your effectiveness during presidential and senior leadership transitions
  • Collaborate with peers and experienced SES members to expand networks and apply insights and tips

An agenda and other materials to prepare for the Forum will be sent to registered participants a few days prior to the program.

Who Should 

This Forum is designed exclusively for career Senior Executive Service (SES), Senior Level (SL), and Senior Scientific or Professional (ST), and other SES-equivalents who are in their first two years as an SES.


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