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 Engaging the Federal Workforce

What is Employee Engagement?

"The employee's sense of purpose that is evident in their display of dedication, persistence, and effort in their work or overall attachment to their organization and its mission."

Engaging the Federal Workforce: How to Do It and Prove It. United States Office of Personnel Management, 2016

Participants will come away with:

                    • A framework of Employee Engagement that can be modeled across agencies
                    • Resources for 'how to' information and support in developing programs
                    • Renewed excitement about the impact Employee Engagement can have
                    • Understanding about how YOU can make a difference in increasing employee engagement for your organization

No need to register in advance!
Log on at 10:50 a.m. EST to: 

Closed Captioning provided.

Webinars: One Tuesday a month at 11-11:30 am EST

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April 12

Engaging the Federal Workforce: How to Do It and Prove It

Presenters: Andrea Zappone and Matthew Sigafoose

Webinar Recording

OPM Employee Engagement White Paper

May 24

Developing Leaders Who Engage and Inspire

Presenter: Bob Richard (Bob Richard Ltd.)

Webinar Recording

June 14

Recruiting and Selecting for Engagement Potential

Presenter: Alok Bhupatkar, Ph.D. (C2 Technologies)

Webinar Flyer
July 12

Nurturing a Culture of Engagement

Mika Cross

Aug. 16

Engaging a Remote Workforce

Rebecca S. Ayers, Ph.D.

Sep 13

Designing Work that Engages

Mika Cross and Julie Osowski, Ph.D.

Oct 11

Cultivating an Inclusive Culture

Webinar Flyer
Nov 8

Monitoring and Measuring the Impact of Engagement

Webinar Flyer

 Additional Resources

Unlocking Federal Talent - https://www.unlocktalent.gov/Unlocking Federal Talent Community of Practice - https://www.unlocktalent.gov/community-of-practice (must register)

HR University - https://hru.gov/index.aspx

HR Training on Demand: https://www.opm.gov/services-for-agencies/news/2016/7/hr-training-on-demand-summer-and-fall-courses!/

Driving Positive Change: Turning Survey Results into Real Actions - October 25th in Washington, DC

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