FEI Handbook and Leadership for a Democratic Society Information

Affirmation of Diversity and Inclusion


The Leadership for a Democratic Society (LDS) program is designed to support CLD’s mission to develop visionary leaders to transform Government. We achieve this through reflection on values, small group dialogue, and interactive learning sessions. We are deeply committed to creating equitable environments where varied perspectives are embraced.

★    We honor the individuality of every person enrolled in an LDS program and the personal and shared histories each person brings.

★    We define diversity broadly as including legally protected categories, innate and learned traits that comprise each person’s identity.

★    We embrace the importance of exploring how our nation has historically supported as well as impeded equality and justice for all as a means to ensure that federal leaders uphold the foundational tenets of our democracy for all Americans.

★    We recognize diversity without inclusion is insufficient, and affirm our commitment to creating inclusive and welcoming spaces.

★    We affirm the inherent value in diverse perspectives and commit to constructing spaces for honest and vulnerable conversations guided by those perspectives.

★    We acknowledge our goals of learning and growth in regard to becoming better leaders are significantly enriched by inclusion of diverse perspectives.

★    We recognize our responsibility to each other as a learning community of participants and staff, and to the greater community.

★    We commit to the values of integrity, responsibility, vulnerability, curiosity, and civility to guide all of our interactions.