FEI Handbook and Leadership for a Democratic Society Information

Security & Safety

If you need assistance, dial (434) 980-6217 to reach a Security Guard. Someone will respond immediately.

The Security Office for the Federal Executive Institute is located on the ground floor of the Main Building. It is the duty and responsibility of this office to provide a safe and secure environment to all at the Federal Executive Institute. We look forward to meeting you and ensuring your Leadership Development here at the FEI is a memorable lasting one.


However, safety and security is the responsibility of everyone at the Federal Executive Institute. If you observe a safety or security issue, contact the Security Office immediately at (434) 980-6217 or send an email to FEISecurityOffice@opm.gov  (this email box is checked daily by the Senior Security Specialist assigned to the Federal Executive Institute).


While at the Federal Executive Institute you must wear and display your FEI Program ID at all times. Remember to safely secure your pass should you depart the FEI campus. Should you lose your FEI Program ID or any other issued items (keys) notify the Security Office and Program Coordinator immediately.


All participants should treat their guest rooms as their office space. When not in the room, the doors should be locked, never propped open, and all training materials and personal items should be properly stored. Any items discovered missing should be immediately reported to the Security Office. Random security sweeps will be conducted. 


Weapons are not allowed on the Federal Executive Institute Campus, the following additional rules apply:


Visiting uniformed law enforcement officers (state, local, and federal) who are authorized to carry weapons in the Commonwealth of Virginia are permitted to carry their weapon anywhere on the Federal Executive Institute grounds.
State, local or Federal officers participating in classes at the Federal Executive Institute are not permitted to carry their weapons while on the FEI Campus. They are required to secure them in the gun lockers provided for this purpose.
At no time are weapons permitted to be stored or left unattended in Official Government Vehicles (OGV) or Privately-Owned Vehicles (POV) while parked on the FEI campus.
Non-law enforcement personnel who have concealed weapons permits are not permitted to be armed while on the FEI campus.

Welcome StationWelcome Center

All participants and visitors must check in with the Federal Executive Institute Welcome Center located at the entrance to the FEI Campus off of Emmet Street. Everyone that enters is required to show a current photo identification and/or FEI program badge when entering and exiting the campus. You are reminded that once you exit the campus please remove your FEI program badge and secure it until your return.

Taxis, Uber, Lyft, etc.

The designated pick up and drop off location for taxis, Uber, Lyft, etc. is the patio by the elevators on the East side of the main building to ensure security has a line of site at all times.

General Security Awareness and Responsiveness

Always be aware of your surroundings, be ready to react in a timely manner to events that may occur while you are out and about.


Report to FEI Security anyone who appears to be suspicious or does not have a FEI program badge. 


Report suspicious vehicles, i.e. vehicles that do not have a vehicle pass or FEI parking sticker (located behind the rear view mirror)


Report suspicious packages, i.e. backpacks, suitcases, left in unusual places, etc.

Fire Alarm

When the alarm sounds, evacuate the building immediately and move quickly to the driveway in front of the main building. Participants should gather with their colleagues and the cohort ‘captain’ should account for everyone from their small group and/or program.

Participants in other programs (USAID, NOAA, etc.) should follow any procedures shared with them at the start of the program.

The wall mounted red-square pull stations notify the Fire Department. The smoke detectors sound only in the immediate area.

Mail Security

    • Incoming mail and packages are screened before distribution.
    • Do not open any letter or package that you find suspicious.
    • Notify Security immediately if a suspicious a letter or package arrives for you.

Updated 2020 April