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FEI Policies & Regulations



Most of the FEI campus is accessible. There are three elevators. The one for the main building is on the east porch, Emmet Street side. Gwin Hall elevator is located in the Lobby. The third is located in the lobby of the Administrative Building.

Electronic Smoking Devices

The use of electronic smoking devices, including “vaporizers”, “vapes” and “E-Cigarettes”, is not permitted in federal facilities. The use of these devices, like use of traditional tobacco products, is limited to designated smoking areas outside of the facility. (Full Policies)

Family Care Givers

Please refer to individual program policies. 

Alcohol Policy

FEI is an alcohol-free campus. Per GSA policy, all persons entering in or on Federal property are prohibited from being under the influence or using alcoholic beverages while on FEI campus. GSA Policy §102-74.405

Fitness Center

Fitness Center

The FEI Fitness Center is fully equipped and ready for your use. The Fitness Center is equipped with strength and conditioning equipment. Space and equipment for stretching, yoga, and other fitness activities are also available. The Center is open 24/7. NOTE: Children under 16 are not permitted in the Fitness Center without adult supervision.

Name Badges

Name badges are worn at all times when on campus. The badge alerts security that you belong on campus. Off campus, please remove your badge, but keep it with you for re-entry to the campus. Report the loss of your badge immediately to the Program Coordinator and request a replacement.

Service Dogs

Service dogs are allowed on the FEI campus. Only dogs that are individually trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability are considered service animals. 

All other animals will not be permitted in FEI campus facilities, unless expressly allowed as an exception under regulations for activities such as law enforcement purposes. Emotional support animals are not considered service animals under these regulations.

Service animals must be harnessed, leashed, or tethered, unless these devices interfere with the service animal’s work or if an individual’s disability prevents using these devices.  The handler/owner must maintain control of the animal through voice, signal, or other effective controls.

Alumni LoungeSmall Appliances

Small appliances, including portable heaters and fans, are not permitted in guest rooms unless authorized by the FEI operations manager.  

Smoking Policy

Executive Order 13058, "Protecting Federal Employees and the Public from Exposure to Tobacco Smoke in the Federal Workplace," bans smoking in all Executive Branch facilities, all interior spaces owned, rented, or leased space by the Executive Branch of the Federal government.  There are certain excepted spaces, which include:

1. Designated smoking areas.  Effective June 19, 2009, smoking is prohibited in courtyards and within twenty-five (25) feet of doorways and air intake ducts on outdoor space under the jurisdiction, custody or control of GSA.  

The designated smoking areas at the Federal Executive Institute are:

    • Main Building – Southeast Patio Area
    • Gwin Hall - East and West of the Main Entrance

Visitor Policy

Please refer to individual program policies.

Updated 2020 April