FEI Handbook and Leadership for a Democratic Society Information

Campus & Facilities

FEI is situated on fifteen acres in Charlottesville, VA near the Barracks Road Shopping Center and is approximately two miles from the University of Virginia.

The landscaping is among the finest in the area. The huge old trees, pink and white dogwoods, and the azaleas are originals to the property while the Autumn Purple White Ash trees that line the driveway and other plantings: foster hollies, yew plants, and stewartia were enhancements. FEI campus map.

Main Building

The main building of FEI dates back to the original Thomas Jefferson Inn. The lobby was much larger and included space that is now used for offices. The front office was a gift shop and the double glass doors and small windows on each side were part of the original design.

Alumni Lounge

Alumni Lounge & Room

This informal lounge area is the social center for participants and the scene of conversations among small groups and one-on-one discussions. It was furnished through a gift of the Federal Executive Institute Alumni Association (FEIAA). 

Throughout the program, participants gather around the large television for early and late breaking news, movies, and sporting events as well are read several national newspapers.  

Freshly brewed coffee, water bar, and a selection of teas are always available in the room adjacent to the Alumni Lounge; juice and fruit are available in this area during the day.


There are bicycles available for check out at the south end of the building, under the stairs. See the Guest Rooms and Services section for more information. 

John W. Macy Wing

The John W. Macy Wing is a three-story addition to the Main Building that was completed in October 1989 as a classroom space.


The FEI has a library with a selected collection of books and periodicals in the Virginia Study. Participants also have full use of the University of Virginia's libraries.

Old Dominion and Albemarle Rooms

These two rooms serve as multipurpose space for courses, meetings, exercise classes, commencement. 

Rotunda Dining Room

Virginia Study

The mural on the east wall of this room depicts Thomas Jefferson’s home, Monticello, which he designed and built on a hill overlooking Charlottesville. The site of his home offered a vantage point that he used, via telescope, to view the construction of the University of Virginia. The mural on the west wall shows Mr. Jefferson’s “Academical Village,” which he designed along with the grounds of the University in accordance with his democratic theories about education. The central building is, as he envisioned it, for students and professors to share meetings and classes. Student buildings interspersed with faculty houses range down the lawn and offer a view of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Virginia Study

Located at the top of the stairs off the main entrance, the study is decorated in Jeffersonian period furnishings, and reflects a quiet, comfortable study. The large portrait of Jefferson, above the mantel, and the crystal chandelier are originals from the former inn.

Photographs of recent LDS classes are in binders in the Virginia Study.

Administration Building

One of the newest buildings on campus and located between the main building, Pendleton and Gwin Halls and houses the fitness program and faculty offices

Fitness Center

Fitness Center & Group Fitness Room

The Fitness Center and Group Fitness Room are located on the first floor of the Administration building. The Fitness Center is equipped with muscle strength equipment and a number of aerobic machines. Information on these and other recreation facilities in Charlottesville will be provided at the start of the program.

The Fitness Center is outfitted with fitness equipment, provided in part by the Federal Executive Institute Alumni Association (FEIAA).  

Use of the fitness facilities is restricted to individuals who are actively participating in a program, course, or serving on a permanent or temporary basis at FEI.

University of Virginia (UVA) Recreational Facilities

Participants may use the UVA Recreational Facilities while at FEI for a fee. Instructions, fees and directions to the UVA recreational facilities will be provided to you at the beginning of your program.

Faculty Offices

Offices of the faculty are located on second floor of the Administration building and are accessed either by elevator of the stairwell.

Pamela B. Gwin Hall

This building includes Highland, Susan B. Anthony, and Montpelier rooms; Mount Vernon board room; Monticello dining area; and 16 guest rooms. It is named in honor of a former Deputy Director who launched open enrollment and custom programs at FEI.

FEI PoolPendleton Hall

This building includes 20 guest room and the shipping center for participants.

Swimming Pool

The outdoor swimming pool, in service mid-May through Labor Day, 6 a.m. to dusk. Use of any of the fitness facilities are restricted to individuals who are actively participating in a program, course, or serving on a permanent or temporary basis at FEI. No glass is allowed in the pool area. Swim at your own risk, as there is no lifeguard. 


Participants can park in unassigned spots, except for designated handicapped spaces that require the appropriate sticker or license plate. Assigned spots are for FEI staff. Although this is a secure facility, we advise participants to lock their car and keep valuables out of sight. Participants and visitors will be given an FEI Parking Pass which must be displayed on the dashboard throughout the stay on campus. Please discard the parking pass when departing.

Recycling & Sustainability

FEI looks for ways to recycle, reuse, and reduce our footprint. Recyclable material are collected at receptacles placed throughout the campus. The food service vendor composts on campus and have implemented other sustainability measures. 

Updated 2020 April